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woman in wheelchair building her profitable business with no money

No money? You really CAN start a business RIGHT NOW.

How to Start a Business with Little (or NO) Money Hey there! If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been dreaming about starting your own business but maybe haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe you’re…

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woman working at home building her profitable business using email market

Surprise! Email is *still* your best ROI for advertising

The Undeniable Power of Email Marketing in the Digital Age Hey there! In our fast-paced digital world, it’s easy to get swept up in the latest social media trends and flashy marketing tactics. But there’s…

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smiling woman building her profitable business as she finds high value prospects

Need new customers? Find high-value prospects NOW.

Need more high-value customers? Make a plan and find them fast. Instead of waiting for prospects to find you, why not go out and find them? If you sell a high-value product or service, finding…

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lion hunting new customers for a profitable business

Go on the HUNT for new customers

Did you know that lions are smart hunters? Lions do not possess the keenest senses in the animal kingdom. Many other animals (including the animals that the lions are hunting) are bigger or stronger or…

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smiling woman holding packages not confusing her customers as she builds a profitable business

Do you confuse your customers? Do This Instead – Starting NOW!

Listen to Your Customers and Use Their Language Why you MUST listen to your customers, tune your sales pitch to your customer’s expectations, and use their language. Do you speak in acronyms and jargon to…

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women business owners building their profitable business by ethically steal from their competitors

“Steal” From Your Competitors Starting NOW – It’s LEGAL and ETHICAL

Do you have a competitor who seems to always be #1 in your market? Want to figure out what their “secret sauce” is? Learn how to “steal” what they are doing! Figure out how to…

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two women business owners building a profitable business outsource

Why Outsourcing is the SECRET ingredient for successful businesses.

Have you found a new product or service that you want to add – but you don’t have the time or resources? Adding new services your business sells and fulfills itself can be a great…

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woman who is building her profitable business by using pricing psychology

Leverage pricing psychology to supercharge your PROFIT – NOW!

There’s a lot of psychology when selling. Your customers are influenced when you present your price and the context around your pricing. Simple shifts in how you price and present can make a major difference…

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woman building a profitable business by understanding the difference between sales and marketing

Want to PROFIT? Understand the difference between SALES and MARKETING

Many businesses use the terms sales and marketing almost interchangeably. While related, sales and marketing have different aims and mindsets. Although closely related, sales and marketing are two distinct facets of business that serve different…

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woman running a profitable business using affiliate marketing and waking up to money in the bank

Can your business profit from affiliate marketing? Yes. Get started NOW!

How would you feel if $$$ showed up in your bank account – with zero effort from you? If you’re like most people, you would be thrilled to have this truly passive income. It’s called…

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