woman in wheelchair building her profitable business with no money

No money? You really CAN start a business RIGHT NOW.

How to Start a Business with Little (or NO) Money Hey there! If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been dreaming about starting your own business but maybe haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe you’re feeling a bit scared, or perhaps you think it’s not the right time. I get it – starting a business…

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woman who is worried that someday is hazardous to her health and wealth

Why “someday” is hazardous to your health – and wealth.

Is it EVER exactly right time to do anything important in your life? We all know someone who waited for the right time to do something. They always have an excuse. The bigger the decision, the more excuses and the greater the chance that they put off their dreams until “someday.”   I can’t have…

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car in snow story is secret sauce for profitable business

How to add the “secret sauce” for your business.

What turns an ordinary recipe into something extraordinary? A dash of the unexpected. A bit of “secret sauce.” As a business owner, it can be hard to get the attention of your audience. There is a LOT of noise out there. To get noticed, one of your biggest assets can be your authenticity – and…

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woman running her profitable business with holiday sales

How can your business tap into the holidays? Hint: It’s easier – and more profitable – than you think.

Regardless of what your business sells, offering seasonal-, holiday-, or event-themed promotions can help drive sales. Your business can tap into the Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Cinco de Mayo, Chinese Lunar New Year, Back-to-School, Easter holiday promotion, and many other local, cultural, and regional holidays. Why would you want to promote your business when…

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woman building her profitable business by online search seo

When customers look online, are they finding your business?

When potential customers are in the research phase of buying, they often search online to educate themselves. It’s your mission to be the source of answers everywhere they look. Let’s say you sell motor scooters. Before they purchase, your customers are probably searching Google with questions such as: What are the advantages of electric vs.…

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