woman working at home building her profitable business using email market

Surprise! Email is *still* your best ROI for advertising

The Undeniable Power of Email Marketing in the Digital Age Hey there! In our fast-paced digital world, it’s easy to get swept up in the latest social media trends and flashy marketing tactics. But there’s one old-school method that still packs a serious punch: email marketing. You might be wondering, is email marketing worth it?…

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woman building a profitable business by understanding the difference between sales and marketing

Want to PROFIT? Understand the difference between SALES and MARKETING

Many businesses use the terms sales and marketing almost interchangeably. While related, sales and marketing have different aims and mindsets. Although closely related, sales and marketing are two distinct facets of business that serve different purposes and employ different strategies. Making the distinction can help you with both. How marketing and sales are different. Objective:…

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women building a profitable business by no relying on their gut feeling

NEVER Rely on a “Gut Feeling” to Grow and Profit

You run an ad or offer a new product. You get new customers. Yeah! But should you be happy? Maybe. But maybe not. Tunnel Vision Many business owners only create one version of an offer or ad. They have a “gut feeling” because they tried something like this before, and it worked. Or maybe they…

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woman working on her profitable business by fixing three seo mistakes

Why you MUST Fix These Three SEO Mistakes. NOW.

Here is a funny/not funny joke: Q: Where do you hide a body? A: On the fourth page of Google search results. No one ever looks there.   When many people want information about something, they head to the internet. 93% of all web traffic originates through search engines. Google alone processes about 5.6 billion…

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woman building a profitable business using email funnels

Email Funnels 101: The only four things you need to know.

Everyone talks about email funnels…but you might not know exactly what an email funnel does unless you read marketing blogs and hang out with sales geeks (guilty on both counts). Sometimes, email sales funnels can feel complicated and technical. It doesn’t have to be. Email can be one of your business’s biggest profit drivers. Creating…

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woman building her profitable business with her brand message

Build your brand message, and watch your profits SOAR.

If you want to add fuel to your bottom line, the fastest path is through your marketing message. However, crafting a message that resonates with your audience can be difficult – and a lot of trial and error. It can be challenging to create an ideal on-target message that hits your audience’s pain points, highlights…

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woman running her profitable business with holiday sales

How can your business tap into the holidays? Hint: It’s easier – and more profitable – than you think.

Regardless of what your business sells, offering seasonal-, holiday-, or event-themed promotions can help drive sales. Your business can tap into the Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Cinco de Mayo, Chinese Lunar New Year, Back-to-School, Easter holiday promotion, and many other local, cultural, and regional holidays. Why would you want to promote your business when…

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