woman who is building her profitable business by using pricing psychology

Leverage pricing psychology to supercharge your PROFIT – NOW!

There’s a lot of psychology when selling. Your customers are influenced when you present your price and the context around your pricing. Simple shifts in how you price and present can make a major difference in your profits. To effectively use pricing psychology, you need to understand the following: You must understand your audience AND…

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woman building a profitable business while adding affiliate sales

Affiliate sales? This ONE THING Can Kill Your Business.

When people think of selling affiliate products, they often think of digital products first. Downloadable eBooks, courses, software, and click-to-buy products are easy to sell as affiliate products. Affiliate products are easy to scale, are unique, and require no shipping or storage. You can set up affiliate deals with as many (or as few) marketers…

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woman building her profitable business by specializing

When You Specialize You Unlock the Path to Greater Income

Think of your own life. Your doctor may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon to help you solve back problems. If you’re rewiring your house, you call an electrician, not a handyman. Are you building a skyscraper? You’ll hire an architect who has won awards for their tall buildings, not a local homebuilder. These specialists…

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