woman working at home building her profitable business using email market

Surprise! Email is *still* your best ROI for advertising

The Undeniable Power of Email Marketing in the Digital Age Hey there! In our fast-paced digital world, it’s easy to get swept up in the latest social media trends and flashy marketing tactics. But there’s one old-school method that still packs a serious punch: email marketing. You might be wondering, is email marketing worth it?…

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smiling woman building her profitable business as she finds high value prospects

Need new customers? Find high-value prospects NOW.

Need more high-value customers? Make a plan and find them fast. Instead of waiting for prospects to find you, why not go out and find them? If you sell a high-value product or service, finding prospects and audiences can be challenging unless you know where to look. There are lots of “watering holes” where your…

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lion hunting new customers for a profitable business

Go on the HUNT for new customers

Did you know that lions are smart hunters? Lions do not possess the keenest senses in the animal kingdom. Many other animals (including the animals that the lions are hunting) are bigger or stronger or have a keener sense of smell. What lions lack in physical ability, they make up for in other ways. Their…

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woman who is building her profitable business by using pricing psychology

Leverage pricing psychology to supercharge your PROFIT – NOW!

There’s a lot of psychology when selling. Your customers are influenced when you present your price and the context around your pricing. Simple shifts in how you price and present can make a major difference in your profits. To effectively use pricing psychology, you need to understand the following: You must understand your audience AND…

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women building a profitable business by no relying on their gut feeling

NEVER Rely on a “Gut Feeling” to Grow and Profit

You run an ad or offer a new product. You get new customers. Yeah! But should you be happy? Maybe. But maybe not. Tunnel Vision Many business owners only create one version of an offer or ad. They have a “gut feeling” because they tried something like this before, and it worked. Or maybe they…

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woman building a profitable business while adding affiliate sales

Affiliate sales? This ONE THING Can Kill Your Business.

When people think of selling affiliate products, they often think of digital products first. Downloadable eBooks, courses, software, and click-to-buy products are easy to sell as affiliate products. Affiliate products are easy to scale, are unique, and require no shipping or storage. You can set up affiliate deals with as many (or as few) marketers…

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woman who is worried that someday is hazardous to her health and wealth

Why “someday” is hazardous to your health – and wealth.

Is it EVER exactly right time to do anything important in your life? We all know someone who waited for the right time to do something. They always have an excuse. The bigger the decision, the more excuses and the greater the chance that they put off their dreams until “someday.”   I can’t have…

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woman working to build her profitable business by finding her perfect audience

Your perfect audience is out there. Here are easy ways to find them.

Finding Your “People” – Who is your perfect audience? As you create your marketing plan, you have to consider several things: Who is your audience? What problem do they have? What have they tried before? Does your product or service match not only what they want to buy but their ability to buy. Let’s look…

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woman building a profitable business using email funnels

Email Funnels 101: The only four things you need to know.

Everyone talks about email funnels…but you might not know exactly what an email funnel does unless you read marketing blogs and hang out with sales geeks (guilty on both counts). Sometimes, email sales funnels can feel complicated and technical. It doesn’t have to be. Email can be one of your business’s biggest profit drivers. Creating…

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