women building a profitable business by no relying on their gut feeling

NEVER Rely on a “Gut Feeling” to Grow and Profit

You run an ad or offer a new product. You get new customers. Yeah! But should you be happy? Maybe. But maybe not. Tunnel Vision Many business owners only create one version of an offer or ad. They have a “gut feeling” because they tried something like this before, and it worked. Or maybe they…

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woman building a profitable business using 11 essential steps

Elevate Your Brand: 11 Essential Steps You Need to Take Now

Tip #1: Use consistent brand visuals. Visuals register with the brain first, so a consumer should first see a consistent brand look. Brand EVERYTHING the same way. Think of Coca-Cola or Apple. They look very different—Coke’s red, swoopy logo versus Apple’s Zen bluish-silver website. Both are successful. Both send a consistent visual message that goes…

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