woman building her profitable business with her brand message

Build your brand message, and watch your profits SOAR.

If you want to add fuel to your bottom line, the fastest path is through your marketing message. However, crafting a message that resonates with your audience can be difficult – and a lot of trial and error. It can be challenging to create an ideal on-target message that hits your audience’s pain points, highlights…

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woman building her profitable business by demystifying sales and marketing

Demystifying Sales and Marketing: What You Need to Know

Many businesses use the terms sales and marketing almost interchangeably. While related, sales and marketing have different aims and mindsets. Although closely related, sales and marketing are two distinct facets of business that serve different purposes and employ different strategies. Making the distinction can help you with both. How marketing and sales are different Objective:…

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woman building her profitable business with consistent income

Secure Your Future: Easy Steps to Consistent Income

The question I get most from clients is how to create consistent income. I get this from my clients, entrepreneurs, and creatives. The industry doesn’t matter; the idea of having reliable income does. Ready for the big secret? The path to consistent income comes from consistent marketing. Not so revolutionary. Coca-Cola, Toyota, and Netflix spend…

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woman building her profitable business by specializing

When You Specialize You Unlock the Path to Greater Income

Think of your own life. Your doctor may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon to help you solve back problems. If you’re rewiring your house, you call an electrician, not a handyman. Are you building a skyscraper? You’ll hire an architect who has won awards for their tall buildings, not a local homebuilder. These specialists…

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woman building a profitable business by building her brand

Unlock Business Growth: The Power of Building Your Brand

When you’re just starting out, building your brand can feel overwhelming. But it can be easy – when you have a plan. If you put a plan in place before you start, you will be much more strategic about how you spend your time and money. My CATCH Branding system is a framework to help…

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