woman who is worried that someday is hazardous to her health and wealth

Why “someday” is hazardous to your health – and wealth.

Is it EVER exactly right time to do anything important in your life? We all know someone who waited for the right time to do something. They always have an excuse. The bigger the decision, the more excuses and the greater the chance that they put off their dreams until “someday.”   I can’t have…

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woman building her profitable dream business without overwhelm

Overcome Overwhelm: How to Build Your Dream Business Step-by-Step

When we hand a child a violin for the very first time, we don’t expect them to map out their worldwide concert tour.   We don’t hand a kid their first pair of ice skates and start talking about preparing for the next Olympic games. Yet that’s what we often expect of new business owners.…

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donuts from a profitable business that understands customer motives

Do You Understand Your Customers’ Buying Motives? Learn NOW!

It’s Sunday morning… I take my dog and head out for our walk. On the way back, I stop at Lyndell’s Bakery Lyndells, an old-school place in Somerville, MA, where you grab a paper number from the 1950’s dispenser by the door. The 1960’s curved glass cases display cakes, Italian cookies, pies, cakes, cannolis, and…

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