woman who is worried that someday is hazardous to her health and wealth

Why “someday” is hazardous to your health – and wealth.

Is it EVER exactly right time to do anything important in your life?

We all know someone who waited for the right time to do something.

They always have an excuse. The bigger the decision, the more excuses and the greater the chance that they put off their dreams until "someday."


  • I can't have kids right now. I will wait until ______________ (I get the new job, we move to a bigger house, we are "ready")
  • I can't take that job because _________________ (I will have to move, I am not sure I'm qualified, it's so far away from X)
  • I can't buy a house right now. I'll wait until ________________ (The market is "better," interest rates come down, and I find the exact house I am looking for)

"Someday" is a trap.

It can keep you from doing the important things in life that matter to you.

It can ruin relationships.

Someday, I will spend time with my partner. Someday, I will have a heart-to-heart to heal my marriage. Someday, I will sit and visit with my aging parents.

It can rob your finances.

Someday, I will start saving and investing. Someday, I will start planning my retirement. Someday, I will go through all my bills and see what I can change or cancel.

It can take a toll on your health.

Someday, I will start exercising and eating better. After the weekend, after vacation, after the kids start school.

It can keep you stuck.

Someday, I will buy a house, take a vacation, or learn to tango. Someday, I will look for a better job, improve my skills, or get serious about my hobby.

"Someday" is a trap because you are not saying "no." You are saying "later."

You are being smart.

Waiting to get all your ducks in a row.

Waiting until that charming house that you drive by all the time somehow becomes your new house.

Waiting until you save enough to take the splashy deluxe vacation (the one with the infinity pool) rather than traveling on a skinny budget now.

"Someday" means that you will only accept perfect.

Life is rarely perfect. You will miss so much if you are unwilling to try or do now instead of "someday."

woman sad about not starting and growing a profitable business and waiting for "someday"

If you always waited for everything to be PERFECT before you made any important decisions...

  • You would probably still be living at home or in that crappy first apartment because the PERFECT home was not around the corner and available for less than your budget.So you put up with the three-floor walkup that's sweltering in summer and constantly smells like a locker room because "someday," your perfect new home will magically appear. Magical thinking is a BIG part of "someday."
  • You probably would still be waiting to have kids because it's not the PERFECT time to start a family.You're ready, but your partner wants to wait. Your partner keeps sending you links to their Pinterest baby boards, but you aren't ready.Or you're not sure you're ready to raise kids alone. So you wait for "someday" - and hope it's not too late.
  • You might still be working for that awful first company, even though they treat you like crap, pay you a fraction of what you're worth, and haven't promoted you in ten years.You take more classes or sign up for extra shifts because "someday" the boss will see your value.
  • You would never take that dream trip and settle for "staycations." You won't wander the streets in Rome, or see the elephants in Africa, or visit every National Park in the United States.Someday, you will save enough money - when you don't have to fix the car or pay for a new water heater.

At the end of their lives, people often comment on the chances they were too afraid to take. All because they were waiting for the perfect "someday" to take their big leap.

What if "someday" is today? What would you do? What leap would you take?

Would you take the course, apply for that new job, or follow a dream to New York, Bismarck, or Spain?

Would you start your business and follow your dream? Would you build a profitable business you love?

Would you say yes to opportunities? Take a few risks to gain rewards?

What if you KNEW that whatever you started would be a success? That you could not lose or make a mistake?

What would you do?

Where would you go?

Who would you be?

What dream would you go after, 100%, with nothing holding you back?

Right now, this is your "someday." Grab onto it.

Tell me what you will do. Today. Right now.

What dream will you go after?

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Patricia Browne

Patricia Browne

Patricia Browne is the author of seven books that help businesses grow and profit.

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